Christhu Raja Province


Congregation of Daughters of Mary – The Parent Organisation:

Congregation of Daughters of Mary is a Missionary Congregation founded by late Monsignor Joseph Kuzhinjalil in the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, during the early days of the Re-union Movement in 1938 at Marthandom, Kanyakumari district, with three members, by the paternal blessing and consent of late Archbishop His Grace Mar Ivanios (Servant of God). Mother Mary Kallarackal was the Co-foundress and the first member of the Congregation. The primary mission of the Congregation is to bring the Good News to the poor and neglected, concentrating in families for their integrated development. The Motto of our Congregation is

“That all may be one”

The Congregation was bifurcated in 1987 and was raised to the pontifical status in 1988 by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

Kristu Raja Province – the Sub-Province

St. Joseph’s province is one of the provinces that emerged as a result of bifurcation from the Congregation of Daughters of Mary in the year 1987. As the province developed and flourished with in the frame work of short period, it again needed to go for further bifurcation so as to provide better access to its target population. Reverend Sister Vijaya, Provincial Superior of St. Joseph’s province was appointed Rev. Sr. Theodecia as the Regional Superior of Kristuraja Region. In the year 2003, the Kristuraja Region became a Vice province and Reverend Sister Immaculate DM was elected as the Vice Provincial. In the year 2005 August 23rd Kristuraja Vice Province became the Kristuraja Province. The Kristuraja province continues to execute all its missionary activities for the underprivileged population in and around Kapurtala and Punjab in North India. The province is headed by Provincial Superior and team members. At present Rev. Mother Giles D.M is the Provincial Superior.

Vision and Mission

Our charism is being pure and poor for the kingdom of God we follow a seven fold frame work that helps us to attain our mission. They are

Love – loving god and all people.

Prayer – living the gospel and developing a sense of unity with god through prayer.

Stewardship – managing our resources, both individual and spiritual.

Justice – valuing human dignity and self worth. Ensuring all our decisions are just and honest.

Spirituality – living in unity with god and by responding to the teachings of the gospel in a spirit of prayer and love.

Compassion – we as Gods servants, reach out to others in their every day lives with gentleness love and compassion.

Values – we the Sisters in the Daughters of Mary believe in the values of

  • Loving God and all people
  • The gospels are our inspiration and an active means of serving God and renewing the lives of people.
  • If we love our neighbor we love God.
  • Human dignity and self worth are important to all people.
  • Prayer is an important means of developing our relationship with God.
  • Justice and by confronting injustice, people may be freed from oppression.
  • Ministering to the communities within the diocesan setting.
  • Fostering understanding and dialogue between peoples of different culture; religion and social background.
  • Dignity of every person and to promote love, justice and peace in all our ministries.

The sisters in the Kristu Raja Province aim at promoting love of God among the people in desperate need of help and support.

Our Mission

Mission Apostolate

The missionary zeal in spreading the word of God by being pure and poor for the kingdom of god, is the dedication of our Sisters in bearing witness to the gospel. Apostolic activities such as:

  • Spreading the good news of the gospel
  • Bringing people together in unity and a common bond
  • Integration, and
  • Equity and social justice

The above mentioned apostolic activities are attained in communities through

  • Spirituality – living the gospels to preach the world of Christ
  • Integrity – being consistently committed and focused in our decision and activities.
  • Respect – showing respect for self and others
  • Fairness to others – ensuring just decisions are made through open dialogue, empowerment, dignity and self decision – making
  • Care – acting and committed to ensure the welfare of others.
  • Values – sharing and proclaiming the teaching of Jesus. through the value
  • justice inclusion and equality, gospel values become a visible focus

In order to carry out its apostolic mission the Kristu Raja Province has taken the following steps.

They are:

Home Mission:-

In order to foster the House visiting irrespective of caste or creed creating a rapport with people around and studying their situation, sisters are alloted different areas, so that all the possible physical & spiritual helps are made available for the people around.

The love and mercy of Jesus is witnessed here. Illiteracy and ignorance of the people are removed.

Zonal meetings

Kristu Raja Province is divided into Four zones in order to inculcate ,increase and strengthen the missionary zeal and motivate the missionary activities. Every zone has a selected zonal president ,Vice- President and secretary. Every 3 months zonal meetings will be held to evaluate and encourage the missionary activities of sisters.Each zone makes its own action plan and carry them out.

Catechism and Prayer meetings:-

Every Sunday in the parish level and every day in the school level Catechisam is taught by the sisters. They prepare children and adults for Sacraments , visiting Houses and with youth they gather the neighbouers in one house , and say Rosry and conduct prayer meetings. During Christmas season the whole month sisters go with the youth around villages by singing carols and giving the message of God’s love in giving Jesus to the world.

Missionary Activities through Associations

Youth are guided and led through many associations like ‘ Jesus youth’, ‘Yuva Dhara’, ‘yuva Deepti’ etc. and children are guided through ‘Little way Association’.Through’Vincent De Paul’ Association people join us to extend their helping hand.

Mobile Catechetical Team:

Mobile Catechetical Team comprises nuns of different Congregations , Diocesan Brothers and Catechists and it is operated in Jalanldhar Diocese.The Sole purpose of this team is to visit houses, teach catechism, conduct prayers,interceding ,perparing for sacramentsand proclaiming good news. The team travels from place to place and reaches out to all those unreached communities and remote areas and share Gospel and love of God to the reprived communities. For the last 25 years DM sisters of Kristu Raja Province working in this team.

Prayer centre

In order to facilitate Direct Evangelization through Conventions, Healing ministry ,counselling etc. a prayer centre has been initiated by Rev. Fr. Basil Mookanthottathil of Jallandhar Diocese. Sisters of Kristu Raja Province serve here day and night. Every week 3 days ‘ convention s are conduted here.Healings and Miracles are common in all the conventions.Holy Adoration of Eucharist in the night vigil make all the impossible things possible. At least 300- 400 people regularly take part in these conventions out of which majority is Sikh people and Hindus .Sisters go for preaching the Gospel in Conventions with Priests in different parishes of nearby Dioceses and in Jalandhar Dioces too.For those who could not reach the Centre they pray over the phones .People of all caste and creed call Mother Mary and say Rosary by Crawling on their knees is really a marvellous sight .They wear Rosary in their neck and leave the Centre after the convention. The testimony of people are published through the monthly ”Prarthana Bhavan De Avaz”

Join Us

Kristuraja province welcomes all those interested to join in the mission of serving the deprived, disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in the most interior rural villages, slums and semi urban areas of north India. Given below are the ways to join our mission. Please select the desired and God directed plan in your life and please feel free to share your views with us so that we can help you without any further delay. The ways how you can join in the mission are:

  • Becoming a professed sister (Nun)
  • Becoming a volunteer / student / internship
  • Visiting us
  • Make donations/grants /contributions.
  • Make donations/grants /contributions.

Becoming a professed sister (Nun)

If God speaks in any one of your minds to become a professed sister, then don’t worry. We are always there to assist you to fulfill God’s plan in your life,


  • Genuine motivation
  • A pass in high school or above
  • Must be from catholic family
  • Age below 25 years
  • Females only
  • Dedication
  • Good character

Thank you for the interest in joining Kristuraja province.

Becoming a volunteer / student / internship

If you desire to join the mission of Kristuraja province as a volunteer / student / internship, please specify your area of interest in serving and kindly let us know along with a copy of your CV to our e-mail address

Thank you for your interest in joining the mission of Kristuraja province as a volunteer / Student / internship.

Visiting us

All visitors are welcome to join the mission of Kristuraja province. Please specify the area that you wish to visit from our mission activities and kindly send us your details along with purpose of your visit, period of your stay and so on to our E-mail address

Thank you for your interest in joining the mission of Kristuraja province as a volunteer / Student / internship.

Thank you for your interest in visiting our mission of Kristuraja province.

Make donations /Grants/Contributions

The family of Kristuraja province welcomes all individuals, groups’, institutions, companies and agencies who wish to make donations, grants or contribution to the services undertaken by us. You are encouraged to contact us in the e-mail address or mail address, addressed to the provincial superior, Kristuraja province.

We always welcome you to support us in reaching out to the most disadvantaged communities. We trust your interest in this is a great motivation in extending helping hands to the unreached population of North India.


Kristu Raja province is committed to the teachings of the gospels, which promote Christian values together with individuals’ spiritual and intellectual growth. It provides school education for children, adolescence irrespective of their religion, creed, social and ethnic backgrounds. In order to fulfill this mission, the Kristu Raja province has established 17 schools in and around its operational area of KristuRaja province. These schools are co-education by nature and some of the specialties of these schools are:

  • Provides free tuition
  • Free & paid hostels
  • Extra care to develop life skills
  • Encouragement of artistic, ability & creativity.
  • Guidance and counseling services
  • Free education to deserving disadvantaged students.
  • Dedicated & well trained nuns are engaged into training students

Today all these 17 schools have contributed employment opportunity to 850 people. A total of 40 nuns serve in these schools. More than 35,000 students have benefited out of this educational mission so far.


Nirmala Hospital

For the purpose of enabling the impoverished people to attain improved health status, the Kristu Raja Province initiated a 25 beded hospital at Kapurthala. There are specialized Doctors and qualified nurses engaged into full time Occupation. So far more than 4,00,000 people are benefited out of this hospital.

Mobile Health Clinic

It is seen that of the total operational area of Kristu Raja Province, a majority of the villages are deprived of fulfilling the basic needs and amenities of the people. Health point of view, there are incidences of people lost lives and were leading a miserable life. They had poor access to transportation, medication, education and purchase of consumable commodities. In general they lived depending upon the seasonal cultivation. Barter system is highly practiced.

Mobile health clinic is catered to meet out the health issues of these people. There is one Doctor and two nurses engaged into full time employment. The medication provided is free of charge. People make the maximum use of this resource for improving their health status. So far more than 4,00,000 people are benefited in total and on an average of 40 people each day.

Awareness is given in Herbal, Ayurvedic and other modes of cure and prevention.

Social Work

The Social Work Mission of Kristu Raja province is started so as to bring in hope among the most deprived and vulnerable people and thereby to promote self sufficiency in them.

Social meetings are held once in every six months so as to explore the efficiency of the programme and to plan about respective programme future. The major social work avenues catered to people living in and around the operation Kristu Raja province al area of are as follows.

Adult Education centre

With the aim of alleviating illiteracy among prevailing adults, the KristuRaja province started 20 adult education centers along with the support of the local state government. These centers are located in different locations at rural, slum and semi urban coming under the operational area of Kristu Raja province. 40 teachers from the local community are benefited out of this programme. A total number of 600 adults have been helped towards obtaining literacy and other thematic social awareness.


Poor and left out girl children have been served by sisters of Krista Raja Province in these Balawadis. Kristu Raja province serves in 11 Balawadis in different locations.. As these centres are managed by nuns, the public gave a very positive response and still today it has helped more than 380 children and their parents. Free service is also offered to deserving children. Lunch, refreshments, medical care, dress, basic learning,and recreation are the major activities in these centres.

St. Basil BalaBhavan

Girl children born in families were felt as unwanted. Children of unwed mothers were thrown into dust bin and the poor children and neglected girl children did not have a place to be nurtured or parents to grow with. Such children became the target of CST Frathers and they started a balabhavan for these disadvantaged children named St. Basil Bala Bhavan. It is run under the care of Sisters of Kristu Raja Province. Children are provided with nutritiously balanced diet, clothing, accommodation, health care facilities, education, recreation at free of cost and they are taken care until they reach sustainability.

Tailoring Institutes

Girl children born in families were felt as unwanted. Children of unwed mothers were thrown into dust bin and the poor children and neglected girl children did not have a place to be nurtured or parents to grow with. Such children became the target of CST Frathers and they started a balabhavan for these disadvantaged children named St. Basil Bala Bhavan. It is run under the care of Sisters of Kristu Raja Province. Children are provided with nutritiously balanced diet, clothing, accommodation, health care facilities, education, recreation at free of cost and they are taken care until they reach sustainability. Gender inequality cut across the Indian cultural system. Young girls are not much encouraged for higher education in rural areas and they are given to marriage at an early age even before they are prepared physically and mentally. In order to bring about empowerment in these young girls. The Kristu Raja province initiated 5 tailoring institutes at different locations. These institutes trained young girls on occupational skills such as tailoring, embroidery, etc. Apart from this training the participants are motivated to purchase own sewing machine and practice these occupation in their respective villages so far more than 240 young girls are benefited and bearing witness to this province. All these services are rendered at free of charge.

Mahila Mandal

Women in the operational area remained to be playing the same old chorus of cooking. They were not treated equal to men. They were suppressed and constantly underwent domestic violence such as women battering, coercive sex and sexual abuse. In order to address this cruel issue towards women, the Christuraja province initiated 50 Mahila Mandir. This is pure groups of women comprising about 12 to 20 members. The purpose of this group is to discuss community issue and income generation activities. Through these women folk the entire family is developed on due course of time. Today there are 50 such groups established and operating effectively by the interest of these women folk. A total of 1000 women are met as direct beneficiaries and more than 5000 people are indirect beneficiaries under this project. Many women have taken up to start income generation on their own and have started generating income to their family and bringing about improved income to their family.

Women are given awarness in personal hygiene , child care , nutrition,kicthen -garden , usage of waste materials etc.They are empowered in groups and made rallys in roads with placards to protest against alcholism and drugs in many centres. Women’s Day is celebrated in a grand manner every year making the world aware of the importance of women .

Rehabilitation centre for leprosy infected people Sisters of Kristu Raja Province visit these centres in their mission areas time to time and provide necessary helps . During the Festivals especially Christ mas and Easter sisters sing and pray with them in these centres and food also will be provided.

Home for Senior Citizens

In addition to the Prathana Bhavan a home is established by Rev. Fr. Basil for the abandoned and orphaned old men and women. Sisters of Kristu Raja Province take care of them. This senior citizens’ home catered to the needs of impoverished senior citizens. All services were at free of charge.


Kristu Raja province publishes an Annual ‘Kristodaya’ when it commemorates its founders on their departing dates for heavenly abode.This provides opportunity to sisters to express their views and skills. The heart throb of them is printed on the pages of Kristodaya.

Contact us

For all enquiries pertaining to the mission of Christuraja province, please feel free to contact us in the below mentioned address.

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