The Formation house at Bathery is meant to train young girls who wish to become Nuns and function effectively within the community of the Daughters of Mary. The training period helps them to take an active role in their spiritual and social transformation. In addition to their spiritual and social development, provision is made for them to continue their academic studies The stages of formation for the sisters are:

  • Aspirancy
  • Postulancy
  • Novitiate
  • Second Year Novitiate
  • First Commitment
  • Final Commitment.

Aspirants House:

Aspirant’s House is at Bathery, Waynad Dt, Kerala State, this is an orientation period. Aspirants are those who have shown an interest to dedicate their lives to serve humanity. Only young girls who have passed their tenth standard at school are eligible and admitted as aspirants. Admission is open all year round. The syllabus focuses on spirituality, yoga, meditation, St.Theresa’s spirituality, liturgy, catechism, music, sociology, Faith in God the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit, inner healing and sacred feast days.


Postulancy House is at Daughters of Mary Convent in Thumbamon in Kerala State together with St. Mary’s Province. It generally begins in September. It consolidates what the aspirant has learnt during their initial training. The candidates are trained in meditation, and spirituality.


Novitiate House is at Pongumoodu, Kerala State also together with St. Mary’s Province. During this period the novices learn the Constitution of the Congregation and they deeply evolve and develop prayer and meditation.

Second Year Novitiate

At the end of the second year novitiate there will be an intense formation for four months. This time they will be given 40 days retreat and an intense study about vows and religious life. Those who have real commitment to surrender themselves to the Eternal Love, request to make vows to the major superiors. Then they are permitted to make the first profession. Every stage of initial formation there is specified syllabus and hand book which is given to each formation staff. To visit formation houses and to co-ordinate the formation programmes we have formation co-ordinators in general and provincial level.

First Commitment

On agreeing to their first commitment the sister is immersed in the life, mission and spirit of the Congregation. Through continued community involvement they are guided in areas of personal development, apostolic ministry, community living, spiritual life and personal development.



On completion of four years of formation and their first commitment they are sent to convents. They are actively engaged in community development services. Fifth year, juniors are called together for one year for the juniorate Course staying in a common house (Aluva) under the Generalate.