Social Welfare Programmes

The Congregation is involved in different social welfare services such as mother and child health programmes, public health works, dairy farm, crush, tailoring schools, TB and leprosy rehabilitation centers, Self help groups, boarding houses, hostels for working women and college students, special school for mentally challenged childr- en, mentally ill Women in the streets, schools and boarding for tribal children etc. The aged and the destitute are brought to our old age homes and provide care with love and compassion. We have homes for poor and orphan children. They are given basic and professional education. We also respond in a timely manner, to the emergency need of the people such as Tsunami or similar natural calamity relief works. We make use of such ministries to reach out to the people and to foster interfaith relationship and dialogue.

In order to improve the financial condition small Co-Operative Societies are formed among the villagers and small saving schemes are introduced among them. We promote family counselling and pastoral counseling. The lonely and left out aged people are visited in their homes and given loving care and support.

Health Care Mission

Health Care Mission is one of the important apostolates of the Congregation. Our apostolate among the sick and dying is to bring Jesus and his healing touch closer to them. The poor and the destitute are looked after with preference. For the dying we give special attention. We follow strictly medical ethics and the teachings of the Church in our healing ministry. We have the palliative care units for caring the dying.

We run hospitals, School of Nursing, College of Nursing, and dispensaries.

Medical Camps are conducted in villages. Health awareness programmes are conducted by hospital staff for pro-life and to prevent spread of AIDS. Health and sanitation clinics are conducted and make the people aware of such matters. We visit the houses of poor sick patients and help them for hospitalization or necessary treatment.

Communication Media

In the past, religious used simple means for the service of evangelization and faced difficulties. Today they are challenged anew by the need to bear witness to the Gospel through communication media, hence we are using an audio visual aids programme, to an extend, for the various apostolate. Sisters are given training for using different techniques of media such as computer, documentary films etc.


The primary aim of our education apostolate according to the vision of our founders is the formation of the human person especially of the younger generation. We try to make them firmly founded on justice, peace, truth and faith in God. Specially trained sisters give counselling to children, teachers and at times to parents also. Catechism classes are held in the schools where the children are engaged to study Bible. Audio Visual aids are used to impart moral and gospel values. Even in schools where the majority of the students are non-Christians, sisters organize carol singing, crib making, exchange of gifts, Christmas celebration with students. Often after school hours sisters along with teachers visit the students’ houses, meet the parents, discuss their problems and pray with the family. Through all these activities we aim at spreading the kingdom of God. The Congregation runs primary and secondary schools both in English medium and vernacular languages.

General and Provincial education councilors visit schools occasionally, meet students and staff separately to know about the improvement and growth of the students academically, spiritually and morally.