The following books are published during these years (1996-2008).

  • Birth Centenary souvenir of our Founder Msgr. Joseph Kuzhinjalil
  • Birth Centenary Souvenir of our Co-foundress, Mother Mary Kallarackal
  • Life History of Msgr. Joseph Kuzhijalil
  • Valiyamother Samsarikunnu
  • Sukthangal (Maxims)
  • Mother Mary Kallarackal (Life History of our Co-Foundress)
  • Sr. Agnes Vadakan D. M (Second member of Congregation)
  • Sr. Theresa Kochukalayil D. M (Third member of the Congregation)
  • History of Msgr. Joseph Kuzhijalil (in Tamil)
  • History of the D.M Congregation (1938-2008)
  • Edayanu Pranamam (About Pope John Paul II)
  • Anugrahamari (A Prayer book for the lay people)
  • Together with the Lord (A Common prayer book for Sisters)
  • Days to remember (Feast days ?Prayer days ?death days of Sisters)
  • Neerchalinarike (A Retreat book on Constitution)
  • D. M Pariseelana pathathi (Ratio)
  • D. M Charism
  • D. M Foreign Mission
  • D. M Ministry of healing
  • Akshara (Education Ministry)
  • Santwanam (Health care Mission)


  • D. M News Bulletin and Maria Deepam magazine from the Generalate
  • Leaflets on each secretariat
  • Vocation promotion leaf lets
  • Magazines of each Province

Documentary Films

Documentary of the Congregation

Monsignor Joseph Kuzhinjalil ?A divine Man: Docu vision

  • Mother Mary Kallarackal ?An Angel from Heaven, Documentary
  • Activities of the Provinces.


The Generalate regularly publishes its own magazines: MARIA DEEPAM

Magazine of the different provinces of the Daughters of Mary

  • Joseph’s Province – Josumam,
  • St. Mary’s Province ?Maria Sabdam
  • Nirmala Province ? Nirmala Sunam
  • Kristuraja Province ?Kristodya
  • Mary Matha Province ?Maria Sumam
  • Amala Province ? Maria Wani


We are working in four Rites, namely Syro Malankara, Syro Malabar, Latin and Greek Catholic Melkite. We are following the liturgy of the dioceses where we are serving. But we are following the canonical prayer and traditions of Malankara Rite.