Our Vision

Each DM Sister is called “to be Pure and Poor for the Kingdom of God, to live and proclaim the Word of God and abandon oneself to the Providential love to reach in perfect love.” (Our Charism)

  • Integrity : Being consistently honest and trustworthy in all activities.
  • Fairness : Ensuring just decisions through open empowerment, dignity and self decision-making.
  • Respect : Having regard for self and others.
  • Care : Acting to ensure the welfare of others.

Activities which support our mission values.

  1. Conduct regular house visits within their allocated regions.
  2. Enable growth within the youth in Christian faith and spirituality.
  3. Prepare people to receive the sacraments.
  4. Organize and conduct camps, seminars, meditation, and prayer groups.
  5. Visit the sick at home and in hospitals.
  6. Counsel and conduct prayer sessions.
  7. Support the parish priests, in Church related activities.
  8. Administer and mobilize resources effectively.

Network with government services and professionals.